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Independence Day 2010 Petting Zoo


Petting Zoo Makes a Big Hit Over the Independence Day Weekend

Independence Day weekend, which commenced Friday 28th August 2010 and ran until Tuesday 31st August 2010, the Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago (ZSTT) organized daily petting zoos at the Emperor Valley Zoo to diversify the experience of its visitors.

Zookeepers were on hand to bring out the animals trained for our outreach programme out of their enclosures, which allowed thousands of visitors, both young and not so young to see and touch some of the zoo animals up close. Mustard, the Burmese python and Patches, the ocelot were big hits and the kids were excited to pet the tame blue and gold macaw on show. At intervals, several zoo characters made an appearance, much to the delight of the crowd. Educational materials on the Zoo and animals on display were disseminated to interested persons.

For many, the experience was memorable with calls made for the zoo management to continue this promotion. One person even went as far as writing to the newspaper to tell of his experience and commend the management for this event.

The success of this event is owed in large measure to the zookeepers who participated in the daily activities and to our friends and partners, including members of ZSTT Council and the Manatee Conservation Trust.