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Current Projects

Infrastructural Development & Upgrade (Expansion) Project

On Friday 3rd April 2009, the official Sod-Turning Ceremony was held at the Emperor Valley Zoo to herald the commencement of expansion works. This project will be implemented on a phased basis with a proposed completion date of 2011.

List of Phases and Respective Sections

Phase and Section

  1. Humming Bird, Giant River Otter, Turtle, Flamingo/Aquatic Birds, Butterfly Garden
  2. Primates, Birds
  3. Tiger, Lion
  4. Capybara, Tapir
  5. Black Jaguar
  6. Anteater, Peccary, Brocket Deer
  7. Chimps
  8. Ocelot
  9. Aquarium, Insects, Reptiles
  10. Offices, Kitchen, Maintenance
  11. Small Animals, Crocodile
  12. Entry, Car Park A, Car Park B
  13. Discovery Centre, Boardwalk
  14. Viewing Deck, Gift Shop, Plaza


The Animal Enrichment project is geared towards enhancing the lives of our captive animals. Its aim is to keep the animals occupied mentally and physically so that stereotypic behaviour is avoided. The project commenced in April 2009 and is ongoing. Materials are donated, some are bought and others are items that can be gathered around the compound e.g. boxes and shredded paper. The animals are given enrichment items according to a pre-planned schedule. Their behaviours are observed, assessed and changes made for subsequent enrichment exercises.

Rehabilitation of Seized Animals

The Society has been working to care for and rehabilitate animals seized by the Wildlife Section, Forestry Division which are part of the illegal pet trade. Following the determination of the court, the Society works with the wildlife officers to implement decisions, adhering to stated wildlife policies for indigenous and exotic animals.

Emergency Rescues

The EVZ frequently responds to calls concerning renegade wildlife animals such as caimans, monkeys, snakes and most recently, red brocket deer. The Animal Ambulance service seeks to safeguard wild and domestic animals in tandem with information received from the public. This initiative promotes animal welfare and conservation and seeks to motivate the public to protect wildlife habitats, assist animals and prevent cruelty towards animals by providing an efficient service to respond to reports of various wildlife distress issues.