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Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago Inc. - Official Website

Zoo team cares for animals

The Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago Inc. at the Emperor Valley Zoo is committed to caring for animals and promoting wildlife conservation. Our trained and dedicated staff works around the clock to ensure the animals receive the best care possible. The Society not only ensures the welfare of the animals in its collection but is heavily involved in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of distressed local wild animals. The Zoo also cares for species seized by the Wildlife Section, Forestry Division from the illegal pet trade. Our competent and experienced staff is also involved in safeguarding the nesting marine turtles including the leatherback sea turtles on Manzanilla beach and the monitoring and protection of the endangered West Indian manatee in the wild.

Have a look at some of the Zoo staff as they provide optimal care for animals:

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Tigers and Extinction


Destiny, one of the Bengal tigers in the Emperor Valley Zoo’s tiger breeding programme.

Tigers, well known for their agility and strength, are the largest of all cat species- yes! They do grow bigger than lions!

Tigers are revered by many cultures. They are associated with different Gods and admired for their power. This majestic creature has been part of mythological stories and folklore for hundreds of years and is a symbol of loyalty, elegance, grace, endurance and survival.  The beauty of tigers can also be seen depicted in ancient art of various civilizations. It is the National animal of India and can be seen on portrayed of several National flags. Today, the popular tiger can be seen used in iconic movies and as cartoon characters, school mascots and company logos.


World Environment Day 2015

Come and celebrate the biggest day for world environmental action with us!

On June 5th we celebrate World Environment Day.

If only you do one thing...


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