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Bullet the Albino Burmese Python

On Monday 16th November, 2009 a rare albino Burmese Python nicknamed “Bullet”, became the latest addition to the Emperor Valley Zoo’s cadre of refugees.

Retrieved from the backyard of a Belmont resident, the 10ft long snake bore two bullet wounds just behind the head. Upon inspection, the bullets were seen to have exited without causing much damage other than flesh wounds. The suspected female python will indefinitely join two other albinos housed at the Zoo where it will be treated and monitored over time.

Bullet’s discovery is especially remarkable as Burmese Pythons do not occur in Trinidad but are native to Southeast Asia. Even more significant is the fact that Bullet is albino, an abnormal trait that would ensure its mortality in the wild. Albinos are bred specifically for the purpose of pet trading; a practice frowned upon by conservationists worldwide.


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Python Rescued Tuesday, November 10 2009.