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Baby Mandrill “Harold” Progresses Very Well

It has been almost two months since the Emperor Valley Zoo welcomed the baby mandrill, “Harold” into its collection.

 Over the past few weeks, Harold has progressed very well. He has grown to a length of 59 cm and has gained 1 lb, 10 oz since his birth on September 9th, 2010. His development is reflected by his improved ability to walk, run and climb. He is very inquisitive and loves to explore his surroundings. Not only does he use his hands and feet but also his mouth to familiarize himself with new objects.

Upon observing this adorable animal for a period of time it would be apparent that Harold has developed a personality of his own. He is playful, bubbly and sometimes gets annoyed when his favourite stuffed toy or blanket is taken away from him. He is capable of making a variety of sounds such as grunts, hoots and screams. One can definitely describe this furry little primate as unique!

Mandrills are the world’s largest monkeys! They are primarily terrestrial and found naturally only in the rainforests of equatorial Africa. Mandrills move with long arms to forage on the ground for roots, fruits and animals such as insects, amphibians and reptiles. These animals are extremely colourful, perhaps more so than any other mammal on earth.

Harold has a bright future ahead of him. Zookeepers are dedicated to care for this little bundle of joy. Harold is carded for the Zoo’s Manzanilla offsite facility, the Brigand Hill Animal Rehabilitation Keep (BH-ARK). This facility, which is partly funded by the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), was set up to rehabilitate and reintroduce indigenous animals seized by the Wildlife Section and house rescued and excess stock from the zoo. Harold will enjoy an enclosure in a more natural setting at BH-ARK. Till then, Harold remains healthy, happy and well cared for at the Emperor Valley Zoo.