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New Year's Day Baby!

To herald in the new year, 2011, the Emperor Valley Zoo welcomed its first baby animal into its collection, a red howler monkey (Alouatta seniculus). The baby howler was born to two members of the zoo’s red howler monkey collection around 6:00 am and was covered with reddish-brown hair. At birth, this newborn monkey measured almost 8 inches in length and weighed less than 1 pound.
This adorable monkey can be seen on display at the zoo as it clings to its mother’s belly fur. As the baby gets older, it will climb onto its mother’s back, riding on her for at least 1 year.

Red howler monkeys are found in Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil and Trinidad. They are aboreal mammals which live in the forest habitats. They feed on fruit, leaves, flowers, reptiles, mammals and small birds. Red howler monkeys are known for their very loud calls which can be heard up to 5 km away!

Under current legislation, red howler monkeys are protected in Trinidad and Tobago.