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Valentine Animal Enrichment Day

February 14th every year commemorates the day of love, Valentine’s Day. On this special date, the Emperor Valley Zoo celebrated Valentine Animal Enrichment Day!

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Animal Enrichment enhances the lives of our captive animals. It keeps the animals occupied mentally and physically so that stereotypic behaviour is avoided.

Visitors had an opportunity to view the animals as we showed our love to them with Valentine treats and activities. 

Primates including Trinidad white-fronted capuchins, red howler monkeys, variegated spider monkeys and common squirrel monkeys received red jelly covered heart shaped treats. The green monkeys and mandrills enjoyed opening Valentine present boxes which were filled with their favorite food items. The capybaras cooled off on this hot Valentine’s Day by licking a ‘valentinecicle’ while scarlet macaws, red-fan parrots, black-headed caiques and channel billed toucans indulged in their specially made heart shaped Valentine fruit treats.

Valentine Animal Enrichment Day was coordinated by Zoological Officer, Sharleen Khan. Zookeepers including Anson Myers and Walter Bonyun together with Trainee Zookeepers, Ravindra Maharaj and Devanand Sookram showed their continued care and love for the zoo’s animals on this special day.