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Enriching the Lives of our Animals

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The Emperor Valley Zoo's Animal Enrichment Project is geared towards enhancing the lives of our captive animals. Its aim is to keep the animals occupied mentally and physically so that stereotypical behaviour is avoided. The project commenced in April 2009 and is ongoing. Materials are donated, some are bought and others are items that can be gathered around the compound e.g. boxes and shredded paper. The animals are given enrichment items according to a pre-planned schedule. Their behaviours are observed, assessed and changes made for subsequent enrichment exercises. Here are some of our animals with their enrichment items!


Meet Raja and Rani – The Zoo’s White Tiger Cubs

The names of Raja and Rani were chosen from among the thousands of applications submitted for the Emperor Valley Zoo’s name the tiger cubs contest. The selection Committee went with these two overwhelmingly popular names and the winners were Ms. Natasha Callendar of Longdenville with the name of Raja for the male cub and Ms. Sophia Elias from Port of Spain with the name of Rani for the female cub. In addition to the privilege of giving the two popular cubs their names, the winners each got a year’s free pass to the Zoo.

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